Almond bloom in south Kashmir revives hope for bumper crop

Almond bloom in south Kashmir revives hope for bumper crop
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Sadam Hussain Pandow

PULWAMA: Thousands of almonds trees in karewas of Pulwama are in a full bloom rekindling hopes of the orchardists for a bumper crop after many years.
The areas of Pulwama Newa, Verwon, Lonepora, Parigaam, Goosu, Zadoora, Kralchek, Barigund and other areas are well known in almond production from decades. The sudden atmospheric change from last few years witnessed decline in almond production.
In late February and early March, the almond trees blossom and the flowering is ready for pollination. “In the year 2013 the orchards bloomed but unfortunately after that the bloom vanished in thin air due to atmospheric change,” a farmer, Tariq Ahmad Malik said. He said that it would be fruitful for farmers if temperature remains warm the way they are experiencing from last couple of months. “A good crop would help orchardists to compensate for the previous losses,” he said.
He said the freezing cold impacts the almond trees but this year the weather was not too harsh.
The massive bloom has triggered local tourism after many years. A huge rush of local visitors is seen enjoying in l almond orchards of Pulwama’s Newa.
“After long time, again our fields are attracting local visitors of different corners of the valley,” Ghulam Mohammad, an almond orchardist expressed Months long dry spell during winter led sprouting of flower buds ahead of time, orchardist Abdul Jabbar said. He said that now they were laying fertilizers of different types for proper growth and maintenance of almond trees.