Kashmir conference organised in London

Kashmir conference organised in London
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Members calls for resolution of Kashmir dispute

London: South Asia Centre for Peace and Human Rights (SACFPHR), United Kingdom organised an interactive Kashmir conference titled “Commonwealth summit and role of Kashmiri diaspora”
The conference was chaired by Chaudry Mohammed Ayyub, the Mayor of Luton. He said that as a member of the Kashmiri diaspora, Kashmir cause is very dear to him. This council, he said, “has adopted two unanimous cross-party resolutions to support Kashmiris demand for self-determination”.
He described commonwealth summit as a great opportunity for the Kashmiri diaspora to highlight the need to resolve the long lingering Kashmir dispute.
The human dimension of the conflict needs to be addressed, Ayyub said.
Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl chairman SACFPHR briefed the participants about the latest situation in Kashmir. Hundreds of families have been displaced, he said.
Shawl also informed the participants about the various programmes and activities that have been set in motion in connection with commonwealth summit. He asked the participants for plausible suggestions to make these events a success. He pleaded with the councillors to play a definitive role in convincing their respective members of the parliament to get in touch with commonwealth and foreign office and approach the foreign affairs committee and human rights committee of the parliament to bring into focus the extra ordinary situation in Kashmir
Barrister Abdul Majid Trumboo chairman ICHR and permanent representative of IHRAAM at UN lambasted all those people who wittingly and unwittingly try to equate India and Pakistan. He said this comparison is mischievously misconceived and “a strong Pakistan is a guarantee of Kashmir`s freedom.”
He remarked that All Parties Hurriyat Conference and joint resistance leadership that leads the freedom struggle in Kashmir is the real voice of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He impressed upon the councillors to be the torch bearers along with their respective elected members of the parliament to bring India and Pakistan back on the dialogue table along with the primary stake holders the legitimate Kashmiri leadership.
He declared that we all need to work in tandem at all levels with the suffering Kashmiris in the vanguard and backed by the people of Pakistan administered Kashmir.
Mohammed Ayyub Rathore outlined the purpose of the conference. He implored that this interactive conference is to take into confidence the leadership of Luton to utilize the forthcoming opportunity in the shape of commonwealth summit to highlight the cause.