Drive against traffic violations in Srinagar

Drive against traffic violations in Srinagar
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Junaid Manzoor

Srinagar: The Traffic Police has launched a drive against traffic rule violations in the city by erecting multiple checkpoints around the city.
Vehicles and two wheelers are stopped at many points, where they are checked for documents and rules.
The traffic police has requested all the transporters and drivers to strictly follow the traffic rules and said that any violation will be dealt strictly.
The police have also sought cooperation from people in adhering to traffic rules for smooth regulation of traffic in the Srinagar city.
“From Rajbagh to Khanyar my bike was intercepted at 3 places and each time I was asked to show my documents. It felt as if it is 26th January, as not only traffic police is checking documents but the armed police too,” a college student told Kashmir Reader.
Another commuter said that his car was stopped near Rajbagh and the documents were thoroughly checked.
“There were two bikers whose bikes were seized for not wearing helmets. I think this is a good move,” he said.
A policeman on duty told Kashmir Reader that checking documents of vehicles was a normal drill.
“But with rise in traffic violations and accidents, it is the best way to tackle it,” he said.
Senior Supritendent of Police, Traffic, Tahir Saleem told Kashmir Reader that the drive was “nothing new”, but has been going on for some time to streamline the traffic in the city.
“We are only trying for better alternatives to make sure that the traffic mess and the violation minimizes to a very large extent. The drive will get stringent with time as it will help us in getting the desired results. With the growing number of vehicles, we have to be extra cautious,” Saleem said adding that on overage they seize around 40 to 50 vehicles on daily basis.
“But the numbers have come down with the growing awareness among the masses,” he said.
In February he said, 1240 vehicles including 441 two wheelers, 21 three wheelers, and 755 four wheelers were seized, while some 2270 challans were issued. The fine collected by the court as well as by the police department in the month amounted to Rs 2462924.
Moreover, he said driving licences are now suspended for using mobile phones while driving