Pakistan a centre of hope for Muslim Ummah: Geelani

Pakistan a centre of hope for Muslim Ummah: Geelani
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani on Friday greeted Pakistan on ‘Pakistan Resolution Day’ and termed the country as centre of hope and a great blessing for Muslim Ummah.
Greeting the Government of Pakistan, its army and people, Geelani in a statement said the country has a political importance in the Muslim world and is a centre of hope not only for the Muslims of the subcontinent but for the whole Ummah.
A statement said that Deputy High Commissioner Pakistan on Thursday called Syed Ali Geelani on phone and extended invitation for participation on Pakistan Day; however Geelani while extending his greeting replied that he can’t attend because of health issues.
Geelani said unparalleled sacrifices were presented for the creation of Pakistan and the country has proven to be a great blessing for the Muslims and “we should thank Almighty Allah for that”.
“The blessed day of March 23 is such an important day when a resolution was passed for creation of a separate nation for Muslims some 77 years back and it is a dream realised when forces like Sangh Pariwar were opposing and spreading their venomous dogma against its creation,” he said. “It was the time when this kind of thinking was considered as impossible and the fanatic communal forces were harshly opposing this move but the determination of the leadership succeeded in creation of a paradise like resort for those aspiring to see their dream come true. The creation of Pakistan changed the discourse of history.”
Hurriyat chairman said Pakistan is the only Muslim country which openly supports the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and helps them on political, diplomatic and moral levels. “This is the reason that people of Kashmir are extremely thankful to them for that they love and pray for its prosperity.” Hailing Pakistan for its “unflinching support” to Kashmir cause, Geelani said Pakistan was established on the basis of ideology instead of geography and every Pakistani should realise duty to safeguard its fundamentals and ideology.
He asked Pakistan rulers to activate its embassies across the globe and apprise the world about (Kashmir) issue and its people who are “facing the atrocities from occupied forces”.
Hurriyat chairman in his appeal to people of Pakistan asked them to maintain peace and work for prosperity of the nation and serve and respect minorities in the country. He stressed for cordial relations between Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, saying that best relation between these countries will lead the region to overall stability, peace, development and progress.