Need to strengthen early warning system for disaster mitigation: MeT scientists

Need to strengthen early warning system for disaster mitigation: MeT scientists
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Srinagar: As the World Meteorological Day is being celebrated by World Meteorological Organization (WMO), with a theme -Weather Ready, Climate Smart; stakeholders in Kashmir say that strengthening early warning system will help in mitigation of disasters.
Stakeholders said that it is important to be prepared for the disasters in a disaster vulnerable state like Jammu and Kashmir.
Speaking on an event organised by the Meteorological Centre here, Dr Mukthar Ahmad weather Scientist said: “Our state is prone to various extreme weather situations; therefore an early warning is an important factor in disaster risk reduction and multi-Hazard prevention.”
He also said that earlier warning enables concerned to simultaneously address causes of such disasters.
“Being weather ready requires involving people and the communities at risk and the provision. With early warning people at risk as well as those who may be involved in providing assistance remain prepared,” he added.
WMO has launched an initiative to establish a global and standardized multi-hazard alert system in collaboration with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services worldwide.
Sonam Lotus, Director MeT office said that through these types of debates, there is a need to contribute towards building a society which is fully resilient to extremes of weather, climate associated impacts on water resources, health and agriculture.
“This year theme is very relevant to a state like J&K which is vulnerable to various kinds of extreme weather like flood, landslide, cloudburst etc.”
“Lectures on basic Meteorology, Earthquakes, and environmental issues highlighting the relevance of Meteorology in today’s scientific world were also imparted to student’s community,” Sonam added.
On the occasion, Experts from local weather office and Earth Sciences Department of Kashmir University interacted with the students and familiarized them with the latest Weather Observing instruments like Doppler Weather Radar, Automatic Weather Stations, Seismograph, GPS based Radio Sound for measuring vertical profile of atmosphere, Rain gauges, Snow gauges, Satellite Products etc.
Aamir Ali Director of Disaster Management told Kashmir Reader that advisory weather forecasting has very much improved and we are getting a warning in advance from the department of metrology.
However, he said that there is need of more Doppler Weather Radars for Jammu and Ladakh regions and so that the weather forecasting will be provided in every district.
“Weather forecasting is very accurate here but on a macro level but it should go down on a micro level like giving a forecast for the district.Now Met department will focus on Now -Casting which allows weather condition is known before three hours,” he said.