‘I felt as if humanity is dead’

‘I felt as if humanity is dead’
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SRINAGAR: Muhammad Aamir, President Islamic Fraternity Kashmir and Chairman Islamic Global School recently met with a road accident in New Delhi.
Two days later, he shared on Facebook the “horrible scene” and the “filming of tragedy” by the passersby instead of taking him to hospital. He said he felt as if “humanity is dead”.
Muhammad Aamir wrote: “Two days ago, I met an accident in New Delhi. My foot and leg suffered serious injuries and I was lying on road, bleeding. I was unconscious for next few minutes. As soon as I gained consciousness back and opened my eyes, I saw a group of people around me; few of them filming my tragedy while one among talking to police about my accident.
When I saw blood on road and still oozing out from my body parts, I went unconscious again. It was horrible scene. I thought for a moment–it is my last day. When I gained consciousness back again I requested people surrounding and filming my bleeding body to take me hospital.
Suddenly a passerby –Aabid who happened to be a nephew of one of my good friends spotted me and rushed towards me for help. Later, one more person from the crowd came forward and covered my wounds with a cloth to blood oozing out.
After around 10 minutes, one more person came and took me to the hospital. On the way towards the hospital, he told me- He was chosen by the God to help me otherwise he had many other important things to do. He offered me water and we reached the hospital. After talking to the doctor that I don’t know what– He left.
While I was battling the unbearable pain at the hospital and my leg still bleeding, the doctor who attended me asked us to get my X-ray done without treating my wounds to stop blood-loss. I was shifted from trolley to X-ray bed in the bleeding condition.
A few drops of oozing out blood fell on the ground while X-ray was being done. When we were done with the X-ray, the technician there forced us to clean the blood spots on the floor and didn’t allow us to leave the room and attend doctor for treatment before the floor was cleaned.
In bleeding condition, I had to stop and wait till floor is cleaned off blood spots. It was painful to see the technician valuing hygienic habits more than a life. More painful was that it happened inside the hospital where the last hope of life lies after Almighty. I felt as if humanity is dead.
After 3 hours, my friend, his maternal uncle, and friend reached the hospital. When they asked the doctor to attend me he prescribed a new X-ray and injected me with a painkiller. I don’t know how people are surviving in India in such a condition.
Wallahi Kashmir is Jannah”