Rs 42 cr proposal for renovation of Kashmir Haat in pipeline

Rs 42 cr proposal for renovation of Kashmir Haat in pipeline
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Kashmir Haat to be developed on modern lines: MoS

SRINAGAR: Minister of State for Industries & Commerce and Housing & Urban development, Asiea Naqash on Thursday visited Kashmir Haat here to take first-hand review of the functioning of various sections of the Haat.
The minister inspected various sections including the Craft Museum, School of Designs, Massive Carpet Scheme (MSE) showroom and stalls surrounding the Haat’s lawns.
While inspecting the designs section at the Haat, Asiea was informed that the department was actively involved in innovations in designs across all forms of handicrafts, including Kani shawl, copperware, wood carving, papier-mâché, carpet including namda designing, ceiling panels, sozni wall hangings, table runners, cushion covers, willow wickers, lamps and tapestry.
According to a handout, Rs 42 crore proposal for renovation of Kashmir Haat is in pipeline so that its heritage and traditional market value of Kashmiri handicrafts would be developed on modern lines.
The minister said innovations in designs was the need of the hour to succeed in export market and called for sustained efforts at design innovations. She said, “There is need to preserve centuries old designs as well as quality for the taste of international buyers.”
Interacting with the artisans, the minister said that the “traditional arts and crafts symbolise the treasured cultural heritage and splendid civilisation of Jammu and Kashmir” which needed to be “preserved and promoted in a big way”.
She called for innovation and better packaging of the local craft items to boost their marketability and to ensure better returns.
Asiea said, “Kashmiri handicrafts are known throughout the world for their artistic work and grandeur. Kashmiri handicrafts are in tune with its age-old splendid civilisation, which has been perfected over centuries.”
She also inspected various sections of the Haat for on-the-spot review of the facilities available to the local artisans and tourists at the traditional market.
Asiea said, “Handicrafts is J&K’s traditional asset and there is need to make the Kashmir Haat more appealing to people and also to attract tourists.”
She directed Director Handicrafts to start the work of renovation of stalls, repairing of paths, water pipes & fountains and landscaping. She also asked him to ensure round-the-clock security at the Kashmir Haat.
Naqash also directed SMC Commissioner to start special drive on daily basis for proper sanitation in and around the ground.