4 years and counting: KU’s semester system for undergraduates

4 years and counting: KU’s semester system for undergraduates
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Backlogs pending; students demand syllabus relaxation in final exams

Srinagar: The semester system introduced by University for Kashmir for undergraduate course in 2015 has consumed four years of the first batch so far, and the course supposed to be completed in three years in still unfinished.
The students would lose another year if want to go for any post graduate courses outside the state, as the admission processes are already underway in universities outside the state, while their final exams are scheduled for June.
“As per the previous notification our both semesters exam were scheduled for July and KU entrance test was scheduled for March,” a group of students said.
“It has created huge mental pressure upon us as we have already lost one year.”
The university has now advanced the exams of 5th and 6th semsters to June but the students say the syllabus is vast and can’t be completed within the time limit.
“We want to sit in exams as early as possible but is it possible to study and prepare two semesters in three months students,” students who talked to Kashmir Reader said, while demanding 50 percent relaxation in syllabus as on the pattern of board exams in 2016.
The students also complained that the result of their 1st semester backlog subjects conducted in 2015 was also pending, while the backlog exams for 2nd and 3rd semester are yet to be conducted.
“The backlog exams from 2nd-semesters are still pending which should be taken as soon as possible and their results declared without any delay,” they said.
Public Relation Officer, KU told Kashmir Reader that the students can be provisionally allowed to sit in the PG entrance examination which “shall be possibly held in the month of June-July in this peculiar scenario”.
“After seeking prior approvals from the competent bodies of the university, all the modalities, including pattern of question paper for the joint examination or any concession in syllabus to be given to the students, would be notified within next 10 to 15 days,” he said.
He asked students not pay to heed to any rumors and wait for official communications. Controller Examinations KU could not be reached for a response on the issue of pending backlog exams, despite repeated efforts.

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