Nauroz celebrated across Kashmir with fervour

Nauroz celebrated across Kashmir with fervour
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Rayees Magray

Srinagar: Nauroz was celebrated across Kashmir Valley with fervour and enthusiasm especially in Shia dominated areas on Wednesday.
Known as Nauroz-e-Alam in Kashmir, Nauroz marks the first day of spring and new year in Persian calendar.
The festival is celebrated on March 21 across most of central Asia with people welcoming the onset of spring and a new year with different functions and rituals.
The day has also come to hold significance as World Arbor Day, with plantation drives taken up around the holiday.
In Kashmir, the day is also considered effective for a traditional practice of leech therapy in some pockets.
The therapy emp`loying leeches to such “blood impurities” is considered a remedy for various diseases like gout, arthritis, and hypertension.
People greet each other on the day and hold special prayers.