Curb ISIS with iron hand in JK: BJP

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JAMMU: Condemning the killing of 39 Indians by ISIS in Iraq, the Jammu and Kashmir unit of the BJP on Tuesday said the emergence of the terror group in Kashmir needs to be curbed with iron hand.
Speaking with mediapersons, BJP’s state spokesperson Anil Gupta said the disclosure that a youth from Telangana who was recently killed in an encounter had come to Kashmir as an ISIS fighter should act as an eye-opener for those who refuse to acknowledge the presence of ISIS in Kashmir.
“The emergence of ISIS in Kashmir needs to be curbed with an iron hand. The government can no longer afford to remain in denial mode,” Gupta said.
On February 27, shortly after it was revealed that MD Toufeeq was an ISIS operative, the Government of India sought to downplay the issue of the presence of the dreaded terror group in Jammu and Kashmir, saying it had no existence in the Valley.
“There is no physical infrastructure or manpower of the IS (ISIS) in the Valley. It does not exist in the Valley,” a Home Ministry spokesperson had said while reacting to a statement of the terror group claiming responsibility for the killing of a policeman in the Valley.
Gupta said that groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS have agreed to bury their differences and unite with “Universal Jihad” as their common goal.
“Kashmir has been selected as launch pad for ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, a prophesied battle in which Muslim armies would invade Indian subcontinent and would be victorious and will establish Islamic law in the subcontinent,” he said.
Gupta said ISIS was “disintegrated, but not over”.
“Rather than verticals, it is working as a linear organisation with cells operating in different parts of the world, including India. ISIS is an ideology very alien to us. It is barbaric, ruthless, and non-compromising,” he said.