Won’t create problems for IGP Kashmir: IGP Traffic

Won’t create problems for IGP Kashmir: IGP Traffic
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Asks people to cooperate in changing ground situation


SRINAGAR: Known by now for his strict traffic policing, even against influential and official offenders in Jammu, IGP Traffic Basant Rath Tuesday said that ‘security status’ in Srinagar was different from Jammu.
Rath, who has garnered lot of attention and controversies for his unique method of traffic policing in Jammu since his posting last month, held a press conference in summer capital Srinagar on Tuesday, assuring media that he won’t let people down.
“There is a different security status in Srinagar and I won’t create problems for my friend IG Kashmir. But at the same time I won’t allow anyone to violate traffic rules in the garb of security,” Rath said when asked if he would take action against VIPs in Srinagar.
He, however, said that no VIP vehicle has violated traffic rule in Jammu and he hopes same in Srinagar.
Rath has earned lots of accolades and brickbats, in a very small period, for his way of enforcing traffic rules in Jammu.
Telling people to forget the way things worked in the past, Rath told said that “nothing Illegal” would be allowed in his tenure.
Talking about overloading in passenger buses, and seating for female passengers, Rath said he won’t tolerate the sight of female passengers standing in overloaded buses, but added that people have to cooperate in helping change the ground situation.
“Whatever is happening can’t be changed in one go but it would take time,” he said.
He added that passenger vehicle drivers would have to wear uniform and follow proper timing.
“There will be no overcrowding in the local buses” he said.
Responding to a question, Rath said that private school vehicles which are directly hired by parents are “creating so many problems”.
He said parents need to show more interest and act responsibly while hiring vehicles for kids.
Asked about less deployment of traffic cops in downtown areas, Rath said, “Downtown will be important for me because people reside there. My focus would remain in those areas where people reside.”
Asked about parking system in Kashmir, Rath said people have to change their habit of parking vehicles at any place.
“We always blame lack of parking places, but it is only an excuse. You can look at Jammu, how the traffic system has been changed there”.
On his use of social media, Rath said, “I am using the social media to know the ground reality. We need to take it seriously. The social media would help a cop to become a better policeman”