Hope and Mirth on an Eve of Spring in Kashmir

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By Mir Umar

“The day Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring” (Bernard Williams)
The mountains look clear now. A thin blanket of snow is still trapped over their surface. When the rays of sun touch the frizzy surface of snow, it reflects back and figures a blur in the eyes. The clouds have open and stretched up their arms and are moving carelessly in different directions. Birds move thoroughly in the sky and their chirping sounds gives immense pleasure to enjoy their soothing belated voice. A small thin layer of green, fleshy grass has evolved from the earth’s surface after a deep torture of snow and rains. Nature seems to be in a refreshing mode.
The curtains of my room are still restricting the day light to come inside. The environment looks cool and favourable outside. The tolerance of nature has increased a bit which would be justified by small things and creatures present in galore. The tulips of different colours and shades are blooming with resplendent colours. The almond trees, now a symbol of love and beauty are in full bloom. Their little sharp coloured flowers are falling with a new zest that drives my imagination. It just feels a new hope in my heart.
Spring in Kashmir is usually the season of ‘bloom’. The almond trees usually bloom in this phase. Wherever we found an almond tree, we are desperate to take a picture with it. It looks beautiful when the almond trees occupy some place in the countryside and makes the journey of people more enthusiastic by walking beside them. Not only almond trees, little tulips also carry a message. They pose for love and peace among people. The fragrance of tulips invades in human soul and flows in the body as a natural scent.
The trees which were in search of new life and colour as winter had made their life hopeless and colorless; a new life is evolving through their withered bodies. A new thin layer of green fleshy coat has appeared. Snow and rains had made trees hopeless but with the onset of spring, I can see a new life in them. The immense cold has too disappeared and now a cold wind flutters only on the evenings. People too have shed their winter camouflages and reduced their warm clothes of wearing. But, our elderly people can still be seen in ‘pherans’ gossiping outside small wooden half-broken shops of the town. Their wrinkled faces and scars left permanently on their skin speak many things. They advocate us about their struggle what they have had in their youth tenure. Some can also be seen in the orchards, returning back to their phase of hard work. Children too enjoy their way of spring. Every day comes with a different feeling of joy especially when they leave their homes early in the morning, making their way to the nearby hill and fluttering away their kites. Little kite runners throng to the hills to raise their mixed coloured kites in the open sky. The sky becomes artificially colored at that time.
The duals (rivers and streams) make their way from the dense forest and reach to the plains. The sound produced by the waves after touching the stony layers gives me immense pleasure from the grief of the daily life. When chirping of birds gives the pleasure of music and green grass act as a natural sofa, it is hard to leave the aura of spring in Kashmir.

—The author is a student of English Literature. He can be reached at: mirumar59@gmail.com