CPI(M) questions GoI on ‘failing’ to start Kashmir dialogue

CPI(M) questions GoI on ‘failing’ to start Kashmir dialogue
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New Delhi has no ‘specific’ policy on issue: Yechury

SRINAGAR: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) on Monday took a dig at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for “failing” to initiate a dialogue process with all stakeholders in the state to address the Kashmir dispute.
During its 11th state conference at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) here in Srinagar, the CPI(M) claimed the Government of India (GoI) had no “specific” policy to address the Kashmir dispute. “I was part of the all-party delegation led by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh,” said CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury, adding, “The central government accepted that dialogue process will be initiated with all stakeholders, but nothing has happened so far.”
The CPI(M)’s stand is clear, Yechury said: talks must be held with all stakeholders of Jammu and Kashmir, but the GoI is unwilling to hold the talks. “If we want to find a solution to this political problem, then government has to involve everybody,” Yechury said.
Answering a question about whether he took any individual effort to meet Hurriyat leaders during the 2016 uprising, Yechury responded saying any individual can initiate a dialogue process but it won’t solve the issue as they don’t have any authority. “Government’s involvement is necessary for any dialogue process. We can only press for a political dialogue on Kashmir issue,” he said.
Yechury said that as a confidence-building measure (CBM), the GoI in 2016 had accepted to stop the use of pellet guns but failed to deliver on its promises. “Central government promised use of pellet guns will be stopped in Kashmir and dialogue will be initiated with all stakeholders, but promises have not been fulfilled, even after two years,” he said.
The CPI(M) leader also criticised New Delhi for not presenting Dineshwar Sharma’s report on Kashmir in the Parliament. “At least the reports should have been discussed in the Parliament,” Yechury said.
Yechury also asked New Delhi to unveil its policy on Pakistan. “Sometimes they (the BJP government) say composite dialogue will be held with Pakistan, then stop the process, and national security adviser talks are held in a third country,” he said.
Yechury said people from both sides are getting killed due to cross-border firing. “It is a grave situation as people from both the sides are getting killed. There shall be a clear policy towards Pakistan to find a solution to the problem.”
Yechury said that development in Jammu and Kashmir is not visible anywhere and that the government has failed to provide employment to the educated youth of the Valley. “Development is visible nowhere in India or Jammu and Kashmir,” he said, adding, “Muslims and Dalits are being attacked. People take law in their hands in the name of gau raksha and anti-Romeo squads.”
He also accused New Delhi of interfering in judicial matters and called on people “to strengthen themselves in order to remove the BJP government from Centre”.