After govts failure, Pampore residents take self-service route to restore sports stadium

After govts failure, Pampore residents take self-service route to restore sports stadium
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Anantnag: Done with waiting for the authorities to take necessary steps, a group of local residents in Saffron town Pampore has joined hands to rescue the sports stadium of the town.
After making serious efforts for over a decade the locals in Pampore had recently managed to bring the attention of Sports Council of the state towards this stadium, which was being used as a parking lot and a portion of it as a garbage dumping yard.
The locals say that the Sports Council took up the job of earth filling but left the project incomplete.
“Even the earth filling was not done properly and the filling was never leveled,” the locals allege.
Tired of the official apathy and repeated visits to Sports Council offices in Pulwama and Srinagar, this group of residents in the town took it upon themselves to mend the stadium.
This group of the locals has not only leveled the earth filling but are now in the process of planting grass patches in the 45 Kanals worth of this sports stadium.
“We have moved from pillar to post but nothing was being done by the Sports authorities,” said Muneer Lone, one among the residents who has been at the forefront of drive to restore the stadium.
He said that the Municipal Committee was turning the stadium into a dumping yard and local transporters were slowly returning to parking their vehicles inside.
“With all hope lost, whatsoever we had of the Sports authorities, we have now taken the task to ourselves,” Lone said.
Lone has so far spent around 50,000 Rupees out of his own pocket and with the support of some other locals is slowly, but steadily restoring the stadium.
“We have purchased grass and are now plating it ourselves in the stadium,” he said.
Lone says that the money was not an issue but the fact that the local youth did not have a space to play was taking them towards some subversive activities.
“Drug addiction is a menace and unless we do not engage our children through proper channels, we will be ruining an entire generation,” Lone said.
Aijaz Ahmad, another partner in Lone’s efforts told Kashmir Reader that the effort was a social responsibility.
“As responsible residents of the place it becomes a duty to think about the younger generation, whether or not the government does so,” Ahmad said.
He said that all of them cannot donate money for the cause but they are all working towards restoration of the playing field with utmost sincerity.