Kondbal locality behind pollution in Mansbal lake without STP

Kondbal locality behind pollution in Mansbal lake without STP
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Manasbal: The Kondabal locality living on the banks of the Mansbal Lake is one of the major contributors of pollution of the lake due to the absence of proper sewage treatment plant.
The refuse of their kitchens and washrooms directly goes into the lake, officials said.
The residents accepted the blame but say that they have no other option, “We are living in the danger of hillock as well as a threat of water from the lake. We are living a life of miseries. It will have its bad effects on us too,” they said.
Chief Executive Officer Wullar Manasbal Development Authority Zulfiqar Mohammad Khan said there are seven villages surrounding the area but Kondabal is very close to the lake and their excreta and refuse goes in the Manasbal Lake.
Khan further added that a proposal was made by the former officers to make Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at that site.
“But the decision was later changed and it was decided that 150 families living in the area should be shifted,” he said. “But we have to build houses for them and it is a very costly project for the government.”
Recently Tourism Minister has asked the Mansbal Development Authority officials to submit Detailed Project Report (DPR) for construction of STP, he said.
Khan also said that the STP will cost the government around Rs 4 crore and in the second stage rehabilitation of the people will take place.
Talking further about the pollution caused by the waste of locality, the official said that there are more weeds on Kondabal side.
The lake has three villages on its shores, Jarokbal, Kondabal and Gratabal overlooking the lake. It is the deepest lake in Kashmir. Manasbal is considered as the ‘supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes’ with lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) nowhere more abundant then on the margins of this lake during July or August.
It is also known for the different species of fish and lotus seeds.
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