Kashmir Conflict: Is there a Way Out?

Kashmir Conflict: Is there a Way Out?
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By Shah Hussain

Kashmir, one of the most turbulent territories in the current era, bleeds every day. Hardly a day passes without a cold-blooded murder or killing(s). As a consequence, a paroxysm of rage and anger among natives is being witnessed. This turmoil has given birth to a rotating cycle of killings followed by strikes and curfews which are followed by “normalization” and then again killings. CASO will be launched, killings would take place separatists would call for bandhs, educational institutions remain closed, restrictions for public movement, closure of trade and transport, Internet will be snapped and then things will be back to normal till another mishap. In colorful terms, the whole saga can be termed as the ‘Kashmir merry-go-round’. Unfortunately amidst all this, Kashmiris have been the “worst sufferers” in all the cases. We’ve lost our young budding talents, our economy has ossified, the educational sector has been left in the lurch and our liberty and well-being are at peril.
Voluminous writings and correspondence on the conflict, massive coverage , summits, round tables, negotiations, theories, and the whole ad-nauseam repetitions have not only resulted in naught but rather completely failed to find a permanent solution of Kashmir. The crude reality is that everyone has used us for their innocuous benefits and extracted benefits by misusing our “ Being-victim” tagline. On one side, we are being terrorized and dealt with highest form of brutality while on the other side we are being shown the “Plastic-faced” sympathy. We’re caught between the devil and deep blue sea; trapped in the quagmire of quagmires. We have always suffered because of the double-standard policy of the Centre as well as due to their “second fiddles” in the state. The United Nations and the so called international organisations aimed at human welfare have not done anything in practice except “condemnation via words”.
Being a native, I know the state of depression, anxiety and melancholy, we are in because of the prevailing conditions. Countless and unending is the list of persons who are suffering from various psychological disorders. Recently, I came across a report on psychological disorders in Kashmir devised by a renowned psychiatrist of our valley. Unfortunately, the results were shocking. The rate of increase in depression is alarming. Pellet victims, handicapped persona, widows, half widows, orphans and war driven destitutes are countless in number. Meanwhile, a sense of fear, grief and forlornness is quite palpable in every individual, residing in any nook and corner of the state.
I wonder how come it is possible to have “no solution” to this problem or is it just a “well-planned conspiracy” to dilly-dally the final solution through various tricks and stratagems in order to deepen our sufferings and extend wings of power and dominance. It’s the second case which seems obvious as the “Iron fist” and the other forums have shown no real sincerity to “get Kashmir out of the morass”. You cannot hoodwink us in the name of interlocutors, concerts, delegations, or other political tantrums , on the one side, and kill innocent civilians with OGW tags only to justify the killings and sprinkle the spray of fear and terror all over. Well, if u wants to hear the bitter truth, let me tell you that you have lost Kashmir -socially, mentally, emotionally, and politically and so on.
I wonder, what’s going to happen with us? Will we continue to suffer at the hands of foxy creatures? How long it would take more to let Kashmir breathe fresh air, free from the smoke of shells and bombs? When will the time come when mothers will stop wailing, sister’s numb eyes will get relief and father’s shoulders will be free from the burden of dead bodies of their young ones? Justice, equality, freedom, peace- when are these going to prevail? The questions are unending. Only God knows!
But, let’s not forget about our identity. Calamity or predicaments befalls a believer for his welfare. We must turn to our Lord, ask refuge and try to create unity among ourselves and strive for nobility. Perhaps, it’s the lack of deep insight and ‘deviation from the Lord’s law that we have remained away from touching the fruits of success. Not to specify here, nevertheless quality leadership, unison and awakened conscious brought together in the light of “Pristine form of Islam” is the way out. A believer is supposed to be valiant and possesses bagful of good hopes. By no means can he or she be pessimistic!

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