Kashmiri Pandit observes hunger strike in solidarity with Muslims

Kashmiri Pandit observes hunger strike in solidarity with Muslims
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Rayees Magray

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Reconciliation Front, led by a Kashmir Pandit, on Saturday staged a one-day hunger strike in Srinagar against the “criminal silence of civil societies and intellectuals against the death and destruction in Kashmir”.
The strike, according to Front’s chairman Dr Sandeep Mawa, is to express solidarity with Muslims of Kashmir and urge both India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir dispute.
“Jammu and Kashmir has suffered a lot during last 28 years. I understand that there has been death and destruction due to vested interests but I am more worried about the criminal silence of civil societies and intellectuals. How long will we suffer,” Mawa said. “Killing cannot be the order of the day. Enough is enough how long as a Hindu would I be insensitive to these developments”, he added.
Nazir Ahmad, a Muslim neighbour of Mawa remarked that Hindus have an important role to play.
“They can request both Pakistan and India to talk and put an end to this dispute. Both the nations cannot justify one wrong with another and kill Kashmiris. At one end prime minister Narendra Modi is saying sub kaa saath subh ka Vikas, but development cannot come by killing Kashmiris,” Ahmad said.
Stating that talks are the only means to resolve dispute, Ahmad added: “We also understand that talks will initially fail because there are vested interest from both sides but continued talking will surely bring desired results.”