Kashmir Needs Clean and Sincere Politics.

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Not Games and Dramas

Zeeshan rasool khan
It is oft-cited that “politics is the dirty game”. Well meaning people then prefer to distance themselves from politics. Terms like apolitical have come to fore in this backdrop. However, politics by its very nature is bad but it implies measures which could and should be implemented to create a better society. The primary objective of politics is to create a better society where every citizen, irrespective of creed, caste, color, and religion can live prosperously and with honor and dignity. Speaking on behalf of voiceless, voicing concern about their condition, endeavoring to bring people out of quagmire is among the cardinal purposes of politics. Precisely, politics is a mission of governing the country /state for ensuring the protection of rights of the people.
However, when politics is no longer a mission but a profession, politicians become more self-serving than public servants, giving politics a bad name. Unfortunately, at present, everywhere in the world, politics is no one’s mission; rather it is profession aimed at sucking the blood of common masses. Thus, politicians are often seen changing parties and retracting from statements to get sympathies from power corridors. (Nevertheless, subsequent mainstream political figures of Kashmir valley have beaten records)
Kashmir has a long political history with many instances of treachery. Here several politicians tried their luck and bamboozled gullible people every time. In a bid to come to power, sometimes rock salt was shown, other times greenish scarf was waved to lure people. By playing deceit, politicians continue to derive pleasure and enjoy power. When politicians are in opposition (out of power), people find them best among humans, talking about public issues and raising hue and cry against the misery of people. Fluent speeches echo from the assembly – expressing concern about the pitiful condition of the public. They endorse the struggle and slogan of pro-freedom group- Hurriyat, call it a legitimate stakeholder in Kashmir dispute, and vocally extend unconditional support to it. Innocent killings are condemned. Kashmir becomes a point of focus; demands for resolution of K-issue are made every other day, and black-laws become the concern of everyone in opposition. Sometimes they go too far, chant slogans in favor of Pakistan.
However, when same people rise to power; public issues and misery of common-man hardly matter. Overnight, Hurriyat becomes paid organization with the purport of creating a mess in the state and loses significance. Innocents get the label of over-ground workers and are killed in cold-blood. Above all, the three subjects: history, geography, and polity related to Jammu & Kashmir changes for them in a flash. Kashmir no longer remains a political issue and is described as the society having social issues. Black laws turn out to be need of the hour. All this happens only to serve interests of masters in New Delhi for getting their sympathy, necessary for prolongation of power.
Such statements, if analyzed in relation to the political history of Jammu and Kashmir are not less than twisting realities and insulting those who have rendered sacrifices for Kashmir. Distorting facts is tantamount to rubbing salt on wounds of those families who have lost their dear ones and who do not know the whereabouts of their family members. It is equivalent to blinding the families of pellet- blinded children and after all, it is to play with sentiments and perspective of masses.
We, the underlings cannot undo things and cannot change the status quo. We, as hapless have no potential to oppose the system and rise against you. However, you being powerful, well read and with a tag of intellectuals must not change the facts and hurt people’s sentiment. If our pain does not pain you and you cannot alleviate it, no worries: at least do not try to inflict more pain on us and aggravate it. If you want to live lavishly, no-issues, however; at the cost of naïve people, is beyond our tolerance. In addition, if politics for you is about self-interest; no problem, but don’t be poly-ticks, the blood-sucking insects. Without any doubt, the solution to the problem also lies in your hands. Yes, you can bring about change by holding on to fundamentals of politics and your responsibilities. You have the opportunity to douse the fire that is engulfing Kashmir slowly. For that, you need to rise above self-gains and put an end to the enactment of “Political Drama” for the lust of power. You need to make your politics people-centric based on unwavering ideology else, it must be remembered that we all have to pay for our perfidies and misconduct.

—The author writes on current socio-political issues and can be reached at: mohdzeeshan605@gmail.com

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  1. MustafaBaloch   March 23, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    A painful truth and reality depicted in the write up. well done dear author. I feel the same as you feel………..