Haj committee absolves itself from responsibility of Hajis opting Delhi embarkation

Haj committee absolves itself from responsibility of Hajis opting Delhi embarkation
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Junaid Manzoor

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir state haj committee Friday J&K state Haj committee has absolved itself of all responsibilities of Hajis who choose Delhi as an embarkation point for Haj 2018.
“JKSHC shall in no case be held responsible or involved in case of any kind of inconvenience or deficiencies in service,” a public notice issued by the Haj authority reads.
The notice also gives a second chance to all those who desire to change the embarkation point as Srinagar.
“Such pilgrims of the state who are desirous to change their embarkation point from New Delhi to Srinagar are intimated to approach j&k state haj committee either in person or can forward their applications seeking change through email jkstatehaj@gmail.com or upload such applications on WhatsApp no. 9622458332 on or before 25th March 2018,” notice adds.
According to the notification 952, Haj aspirants have chosen New Delhi as an embarkation point. For these 952 Haj aspirants, the state Haj committee issued certain dos and don’ts for the Haj pilgrimage.
Regarding collection of travel documents, it reads: “documents like passport, visa, i-cards accommodation Stickers etc the pilgrims shall have to report at state hajj committee Delhi two days prior to their departure to Saudi Arabia. In case any pilgrim fails to collect the travel documents well in time the pilgrim shall be personally responsible for any kind of delay/ cancellation thereof. For the collection of travel documents, it’s mandatory that all the pilgrims under one cover report together at the document collection counter at state Haj committee Delhi.”
It also reads that formulation of air charter shall take place in respect of those pilgrims only who report at Delhi haj house two days earlier and remain in constant contact with the state haj committee Delhi.
The state authorities have also cleared that pilgrims shall have to arrange their own transportation from their respective residence up to Delhi Embarkation point and no transportation facility shall be provided by the J&K state Haj committee.
“The pilgrims shall have to arrange boarding/lodging in New Delhi for a period of 3 days or more during departure phase and one day or more during Arrival phase one their own. All the pilgrims of New Delhi embarkation point shall have to undergo the process of immigration and customs clearance at New Delhi international airport,” the notice says.
The pilgrims of New Delhi embarkation point shall be provided with an amount of 2100/ Saudi riyals or less at New Delhi international airport before boarding the aircraft, the notice reads.
“It’s once again reiterated that the state Haj committee is committed and duty-bound as facilitating the smooth conduct of haj 2018, however since the pilgrims of New Delhi embarkation point shall be under overall supervision of the Haj committee of India/ state haj committee Delhi,” it adds.