With 90 Chinars, Pargochi residents say need to plant more

With 90 Chinars, Pargochi residents say need to plant more
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Shopian: Residents of Pargochi village in Shopian says there is an urgent need to plant new Chinar trees in the area, even though the village still boasts of some 90 Chinar trees.
A few decades back, residents say the numbers of Chinars in the village was almost double, of which many perished due to natural causes while several were axed for clearing space for houses and agriculture.
The neigbouring villagers are, however, almost deprived of the giant tree.
“Nobody is now ready to plant a new Chinar so it’s imperative to at least save the old ones,” said Farooq Ahmad, a villager adding that no new plantation has been carried for the past four decades.
Javid Ahmad, another resident, said that the felling of Chinars in Pargochi village was comparatively low, the reason a number of them were saved.
“Many trees were cut to make space for houses or the land was brought under cultivation,” he said.
Tariq Ahmad Bhat, another villager told Kashmir Reader that special drives should be initiated for plantation of new Chinars across the Valley, including in the area.
Residents said the Chinars would attract people who would spend long hours under their shade. It also controlled air pollution in the area.
Around 30 Chinars are standing at two spots that attract many people. Several others are found near residential areas and orchards.
Gul Muhammad Malik, a villager said that decades ago people used to offer prayers under the shade of Chinars in intense temperatures.
Despite ban on felling, Chinar in valley is witnessing a huge decline with a handful of Chinars left in places where there were once dozens.