Govt forces intervention in religious affairs intolerable: Jama’at

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Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressed its deep anguish and resentment on Thursday over the intervention in the religious affairs of Kashmiri Muslims by government forces deployed in various places throughout the valley particularly in South Kashmir.
The spokesman in a statement said “organizers of the religious congregations are called to the army camps and intimidated and harassed without any justification and reasonable cause just to forcibly restrain them from these rightful activities. Some of them are even beaten for organizing such religious gatherings.”
“At some places the Imams and preachers of Masjids are forced to attend the camps for reporting the religious activities going on in the mosques and even asked to prepare audio/video recording of their speeches and send the same to the camps which is not acceptable at all being the worst form of violating the religious freedom guaranteed under the United Nations Charter of fundamental human rights and the constitution of India too,” he said.
He said: “As such these forces are themselves violating their own constitution and law. The Muslims can at no cost give up practising, professing and preaching the divine religion of Islam which is more precious to them than their life and petty world interests.” In these seminaries and congregations, he said, the people have reminded their moral and social responsibilities and motivated to do the righteous deeds and refrain from the vicious ones so as to be the torch bearers of the truth and justice and this pious practice is beneficial for the entire humanity. “Anybody creating hurdles in such God-fearing and humanitarian activities cannot be termed as the well-wisher of humanity,” he said.
“We vehemently condemn such interference that deprives the people of morally and ethically educated which is but a grave and harsh violation of the fundamental rights,” he said.
Jama’at also terms it a blatant misuse and abuse of military power which in no civilized and democratic nation is justified. Jama’at asks the human rights organizations to take serious notice of this intimidating state policy and use their influence to get it stopped.