Souvenir: A Poem

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By Rumuz

Stick a notice on all your shrines, Summon all your saints
And ask them, who is it, Who has promised this young, fresh votive blood to God?

A father just broke the news:”My son left for heavenly abode”

Go, bang the doors of heavens and hells,
Go, cry out loudly at the throne, Arsh
And ask Him what becomes of this blood,
Which gardens are watered, which rivers are replenished,
Which rubies are crystallized and coveted by the thieves hiding in the celestial ghettos;

How much more bone, flesh and blood shall be sought and stolen from the earth?

Have the divine supplies run dry?
Are the angles aggrieved?
Are they on a strike?

If it is so then let them take the sky-renting wails of a mother,
The spine-collapsing burden of a father, who knows no poetry, no songs, no prayers but obituaries now;

Let these be taken as souvenirs or sacred war booties
Yes, the wails, the decrepit spines; let there be festivity in divine kingdoms;

What becomes of the wails, by the way is melancholy an enjoyment for the dwellers of paradise
Do they swirl in ecstasy on the cadence of these cries?

What becomes of the loss in the chest of a father, in the bosom of a mother?
Surely it isn’t any form of matter which shall transform itself from solid to liquid to gas;

The loss is an anti matter,
It raises a storm, precipitates through the eyes, and then solidifies into a hollow,
An everlasting burden in bosoms, on spines;

My bosom is ripe with pain, tears refuse to be the fruit.
I hear shrieks, cries, sob, trapped and imprisoned inside,
Hitting, banging their heads, on each wall of the vessels,
Running hither and thither, like frightened mad women;

In each tissue, and my each cell sick with metastatic grief looks at the blood it is inundated in with fear and asks:
What becomes of you?
What becomes of you?

—Rumuz is an occasional poet based in Kashmir. To connect on Instagram follow @rumuzb on Facebook @Rumuz e Bekhudi

One Response to "Souvenir: A Poem"

  1. Sami   March 15, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    This is way ahead of its time. Truely amazing and motivating.