Health sector run by makeshift arrangements: DAK

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Seeks health minister’s intervention

SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) president Dr Suhail Naik has taken a strong note of the adhoc arrangements of hospital administrators, alleging that most of the health sector in the valley is presently run by makeshift arrangements by giving charge to medical officers as In-charge Block Medical Officers (BMOs), I/C Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) or I/C Medical Superintendents (MSs).
“This way they are not taking any decisions regarding policy matters and in turn the health sector suffers,” Dr Naik said in a statement.
“In-charge officers are made without maintaining seniority or without any administrative experience wherein a senior medical officer or consultant has to work under the so-called In-charge BMO/CMO/MS etc which in turn kills the hierarchy of the setup and leads to administrative ineffectiveness and failures,” he added.
“It has been seen that administrators are serving with ‘In-charge’ tag for years together without getting confirmed and this way they are always at the receiving end. If sometimes they fail to fulfil the obligation of higher ups, they are demoted. This is in the interest of administrators also if they get confirmed.”
DAK general secretary Dr Owais H Dar in a statement said, “There should be a proper mechanism in place for their appointment and due weightage should be given to seniority. This way, the favouritism and nepotism will come to an end which will ultimately benefit our health sector.”
Dr Owais added that it is because of this In-charge system that Government Dental College Srinagar has been turned into a corruption safe house and its pristine glory stands diluted. He said immediate steps need to be taken so that future of UG and PG students of GDC Srinagar is put on right tract and the pride and prestige of the institution is restored.
“The High Court has recently directed the health department that In-charge system among BMO/CMO/Ms etc must be abolished and seniority be restored by April 22-2018,” DAK said.
It appealed the health minister Bali Bhagat to intervene in this “grave issue” so that the administrators “work freely in developing health sector”.