ACCIK dismayed over PDD’s ‘coercive’ measures collecting electricity charges

ACCIK dismayed over PDD’s ‘coercive’ measures collecting electricity charges
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Srinagar: Members of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries – Kashmir (ACCIK) are dismayed after the ‘coercive measures’ being adopted by the Power Development Department (PDD) for collection of electricity charges in Srinagar.
“This is being done against hotels in the Boulevard area of Srinagar, particularly”, an official statement read.
“In times of this great distress which the hotel industry is facing, they are being subjected to such coercive methods,” it read.
A team of PDD personnel, according to the statement, ‘raided’ their premises and without seeking an explanation from the hotel, they disconnected their consumer connections and walk away without listening to the pleas of such consumers.
“This is happening when the tourist industry is facing a crunch in tourist arrivals as has never been seen or heard of before.”
The chamber believes while these hoteliers deserved leniency and sympathy for payment of the electricity bills, they were being subjected to such ’mental torture’.
“We wonder if other big consumers in the same area, such as; CRPF and BSF camps, are being raided in a similar manner, who reportedly owe to the PDD in crores of rupees, but PDD seems to be flexing its muscles against the weak,” the statement further read.
The chamber has appealed the government to “do away with such coercive methods” and allow the hoteliers to make payments in easy installments once the tourism industry showed some kind of revival. “Till such time the government needs to bear with them as they are bearing enormous losses.”