Portentous Omens?

Portentous Omens?
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The overall politics of Jammu and Kashmir appears to be set for turbulence. The reasons pertain to the form of politics taking shape here, the deep uncertainty that pervades the region and, of course, the conflict. These multiple themes feed into each other and create a complexity laden situation and condition in Jammu and Kashmir. From the perspective of so called “mainstream” politics, it would appear that the coalition and alliance between the PDP and the BJP might not bear the weight of multiple contradictions and multiplicity of extant and emerging issues. Grist to mill of this assertion is lent weight by the sacking of Haseeb Drabu held to be the architect and point man for the alliance between the PDP and the BJP. In some senses, it appears that the PDP is trying to reposition itself, amidst the overall political drift of Jammu and Kashmir. It is now more than three years into government formation but the coalition besides being a welter of contradictions has not had a smooth ride, so to speak and , to say the least. While the BJP has gained a bit of a foothold in Kashmir through the alliance, but the major political price has been paid by the PDP. It may be that the PDP is trying to reposition or even rebrand itself to , either re embed itself in the political dynamics of Kashmir or, in the least, salvage the party. If this theory or speculation holds, then inevitably the “mainstream” section of Jammu and Kashmir’s politics is set for turbulence or even tumult. The gaps between the coalition partners, the BJP and the PDP might widen and each party might seek to cannibalize and make the most of the difference on various issues that are emerging. If this situation actually comes to pass, then what might accrue is polarization in both the Jammu and Kashmir divisions of the region. All this assumes salience against the backdrop of the impending parliamentary elections in India which might see Kashmir assuming new salience. Against this back drop, while nothing can be foretold with precision, but “ reading the tea leaves”, so to speak suggests that the stage appears to be set for upheavals of a political nature. What also remains in the domain of the unknown is what new permutations and combinations would emerge and how the potentially new dynamics will affect the larger conflict.

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