LC Panel for expediting issuance of Aadhaar Card to minors

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JAMMU: The meeting of the Department Related Standing Committee (DRSC-IV) of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council was held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of MLC Ramesh Arora to discuss the overall working of the Information Technology Department (IT).
LegislatorsVibodh Gupta, Saif-ud-Din Bhat and Naresh Kumar Gupta attended the meeting and highlighted the issues regarding the working of the IT department.
The Committee observed that free internet wi-fi should be made available to all the employees of assembly secretariat including legislatures. The chairman of the committee said that the nodal officers be nominated to get information for various proposals and also monitor the uploading of information besides issuing instructions to all the concerned departments to upload the requisite information on time.
The chairman said there are approximately 42 schemes sponsored by the state and central government in Social Welfare Department and instructed the IT Department to upload special software so that status of the persons, who apply for widow, old age pensions, and handicapped and other categories, can see their status easily. He said the system would be helpful for the deserving person and they may not face inconvenience.
The Committee also discussed the issues about expediting the process of issuance of Aadhaar Card and asked the concerned that maximum efforts be made for the age group of 0-5 age where only 8 percent children are covered so far.
The chairman of the committee asked the concerned authorities that e-Assembly Rajasthan model may not be followed as that do not have any upper house there and the system is not correct which was made applicable and could not function properly.
The committee sought a detailed report about expenditure incurred for adopting the system in the Legislature Council and be submitted to the Council Secretariat.
The Secretary IT DepartmentSaugat Biswas briefed the Committee about the working of the department and steps being taken by them to further strengthening the department besides also assured the committee that all the issues which are highlighted in the meeting that will be fulfilled on priority basis.