‘Kashmir an internationally accepted dispute’

‘Kashmir an internationally accepted dispute’
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Bandipora: In a seminar held in Bandipora district on Tuesday – scholars, academicians, students and youth activists resolved that Kashmir issue is an internationally-recognized dispute that demands just and fair resolution from India, Pakistan and United Nations to end the long last conflict which has adverse impacts on all mostly youth.
The scholars who attained one-day seminar said that the disputed status of Kashmir issue is a reality which cannot be denied by any political power.
The seminar with theme was “Kashmir Conflict: Impact on youth and way Forward” was organized by a Non-Government Organisation Aaash at Mehboob-ul-Alam College of Education.
Speaker said that in the ongoing struggle for freedom of Kashmir, youth are expressing their emotions and aspiration candidly as the younger generation is caught in the situation span over last seven decades. Many speakers urged youth to use the conflict as the tool for encouragement to develop the subjugated nation intellectually and scholastically.
Speaking on the occasion noted poet and educationist Prof. Ismail Ashana said that Kashmir dispute is a reality and no one can deny its disputed status.
Demanding just and fair resolution to end the conflict Prof Ashana said that all the stakeholders should come forward and resolve the disputed issue which disastrous impact on the public in general and youth in specific.
Ashana said that the youth are facing hardships as the false promises have turned the dispute into conflict. “The resolution of this longstanding dispute is nowhere and Kashmir’s are still facing perverse aggression,” he said. He added that owing to the Kashmir dispute, the relations between Pakistan and India has badly affected the region.
Mushtaq Ahmed Mir youth activists terming Kashmir dispute an internationally-recognized conflict said that time is ripe to resolve the issue which has ruined the lives of many in South Asian Countries.
Mir said that all the political and non-political originations should come forward beyond the political lines to seek the resolution of the disputed Kashmir issue.
Speakers said that the young generation can never contain their emotions until the resolution of this dispute is resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Sameer Bhat organizer of the event said that the event was organized to provide a platform for the youth who want express their emotions in relation to the Kashmir conflict and its impact.
Sameer said that Aash is going to organize a chain of seminars on the Kashmir conflict.\