Attendants allege GB Pant doctors leave wards abandoned at night

Attendants allege GB Pant doctors leave wards abandoned at night
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‘They can’t put our children in such risk’

Junaid Manzoor

Srinagar: Doctors at the Valley’s biggest neonatal facility, the GB Pant Hospital in Sonwar, are allegedly violating government orders by not adhering to the hospital duty roster. The emergency ward is the worst hit.
Sources said that not a single doctor remains present during night hours with paramedical staff attending to patients in case of any emergency. “They cannot put the lives of our children at such risk,” said an appalled parent. “It’s a noble profession, and they should at least respect that.”.
Sources added that doctors who have been with the hospital for the past five to ten years don’t follow the rules at all.
They do things at will, said the sources, indicating the ‘incapability’ of the incumbent Medical Superintendent. The authorities had issued transfer orders for some Medical Officers, but these doctors utilised all resources and influence, forcing government to rescind those orders.
“Every day you will find a duty roster mentioning the names of doctors supposed to attend patients during the night, but no doctor takes this roster seriously and they leave hospital in the evening instead. These doctors having been with the hospital for so long has made them ‘dictators’, and they barely care for rules and regulations. The doctors who rule the roost have developed a nexus with the National Health Mission, and even purchases are being made through these doctors,” said a source, pleading anonymity.
Patients’ attendants whom Kashmir Reader spoke to there, were also of the same view.
“We have to stand in a long line for our turn as there is only one doctor in the emergency section who caters to all the needs. In the night time, the hospital is hit with the acute doctor shortage, and there is nobody in the hospital premises to look after patients in case an emergency comes up,” said an attendant.
“Paramedics cannot look after our children, a doctor’s presence is a must. I don’t know why the administration is silent about the issue. They need to keep a regular check on the doctors’ movements and make sure a doctor is available 24/7,” he added.
The GB Pant Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Kanwaljit Singh, however said, the allegations leveled by the attendants were false.
“We follow a strict procedure to make sure doctors are available all the time, and it is up to the government to post or transfer a doctor in the hospital. Doctors are following the roster and attending night duties as well,” Dr Singh said.
Government Medical College Principal Dr Saima Rasheed, on the other hand, took a serious view of the matter and told Kashmir Reader, “It is not possible that doctors will not attend night duties. It’s a neonatal hospital, and we have a moral obligation towards the profession. No doctor is allowed to skip his duties, that too at night. I will look into the matter and do whatever seems necessary.”