With some relish, NC rips into Drabu & his ‘Team A of BJP’

With some relish, NC rips into Drabu & his ‘Team A of BJP’
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Srinagar: Grabbing the opportunity offered by Haseeb Drabu’s description of Kashmir as a “society with social issues” instead of a political dispute, the opposition National Conference on Sunday asked if the ruling PDP was acting as “team A” of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.
Addressing a press conference at NC’s party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, senior party leader Ali Mohammad Sagar insisted, “PDP ko wazahat karni hogi” (PDP must clarify).” He asked if Kashmir was not a political issue then what did Pakistan and India fight four wars for?
“The PDP has ceased to be Team B of BJP. It has become Team A. It has become the mouthpiece of Hindutva,” Sagar said.
He asked Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti that if Kashmir was not a political issue, then why was it in the listed disputes at the United Nations?
“Why six lakh forces are stationed in Kashmir?” Sagar asked at the presser where he was accompanied by NC provincial president Nasir Sogami.
“Why one lakh people were killed in Kashmir? Why was Kashmir’s prime minister arrested in 1953?” Sagar kept asking, relishing the opportunity to rip into the rival.
Sagar said that Drabu’s statement was “misleading and full of distortion”.
“They want to fulfil the agenda of PDP and RSS by distorting history,” he said. “It seems that PDP has become such a frontline force to implement the policies of BJP that it has even forgotten its own self-rule demand.”
Sagar said that Drabu had made his remarks “with intent and purpose” to change the political slant on Kashmir. “The PDP has to tell us the reason behind the statement,” Sagar said. “Drabu is a qualified person. He knows what he speaks. Why he was asked to make this statement at a big gathering where a number of important people were present? Two ministers were also present there. Was this a message that north and south pole are finally going to meet? They have to tell what sort of confusion they wanted to create by their statement.”
The position of NC is clear, Sagar affirmed, that Kashmir is a political issue that needs to be resolved.
“The RSS and BJP are using Drabu as a proxy to promote their ideology,” he said. “The PDP is happily endorsing the statements of BJP.”
Drabu had made his controversial statement at a conference, ‘Kashmir: The way forward’, where about 130 ambassadors, government officials and business leaders were present.