Only ignorant person can term Kashmir dispute apolitical: Malik

Only ignorant person can term Kashmir dispute apolitical: Malik
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Drabu slammed over Kashmir statement

SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday termed the statement of finance minister Haseeb Drabu on Kashmir dispute as “naïve ignorant” as the latter has termed it “apolitical.”
In a statement, Malik said, “Drabu’s statement is a classic example of a person trying to act like a lawyer in politics who has no ideology, faith and ethics, but is always ready to represent his clients’ wishes and whims.”
While reacting to media reports about Darbu’s remarks issued during a conclave organised by Indian PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry at New Delhi, Malik termed the statement of Drabu as “an ample specimen of a sold-out mentality”.
JKLF chairman said that issuing ridiculous and absurd statements “in pursuit to distort historical facts” can only be termed as naivety and ignorance.
“Drabu like collaborators want to prove their loyalty to their masters in Delhi and Nagpur by issuing statements like these but these people should know that facts don’t change by mincing words and coining new terms,” he said.
Reminding Drabu of his old words and commitments, Malik said that “right from 1947, history of Jammu Kashmir has witnessed venal people who used freedom movement as a launching pad for gaining access to power politics and thus sold out their conscience for petty gains”.
“In 1996, Drabu came to (APHC) Kashmir Awareness Bureau (KAB) office at Delhi with his friend Sideeq Wahid in an auto Rickshaw. Drabu talked to me for hours and while praising our efforts for liberation of Jammu Kashmir from illegal occupation of India, delivered several ideas and concepts for it,” Malik said.
JKLF chief said that time has come to expose these “charlatans” who for their petty interests are harming the national interests of the people of Jammu Kashmir.
“Kashmiri nation should recognise the real faces of these double faced people, who by turning into political renegades are hell bent upon negating the resistance movement of Kashmiris,” Malik said.