Idea that women can’t win elections is a lie: Fmr EC

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NEW DELHI: The notion that women are incapable of winning elections is a lie, former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi Saturday said and demanded greater political representation for females in the country. Winnability and money factor are considered to claim that women can’t win elections, which is a lie, Quraishi said at a conclave commemorating International Women’s Day, here.
“We have looked at the statistics throughout the 70 years of electoral history, every time the proportion of women winning the elections has been more than the tickets given to them- six per cent tickets, ten per cent victory- which shows their winnability is much higher,” said Quraishi.
He said this lie needs to be exposed and there should be efforts to ensure women’s enhanced political participation and representation in the Parliament and state legislative bodies.
Referring to statistics on violence against women, Quraishi said that in India, over 28 per cent females in the age group 15-49 years have experienced physical and sexual violence.
“The disturbing thing is that 65 per cent of Indian men believe women should tolerate violence, which is surely not acceptable,” said Quraishi.
“The Constitution of India has laid a lot of emphasis on women empowerment. Despite various provisions in the Constitution and law, reality is a bit sad,” he said.
Quraishi quoted the former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to drive home his point, saying “Violence against women is never, acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.”