DFP asks Delhi to ‘have mercy’ on soldiers deployed in Kashmir

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SRINAGAR: The Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Saturday said Indian forces personnel deployed in Kashmir are feeling very distressed which is evident by their day to day suicide incidents.
“New Delhi must demilitarise the disputed region instead of using its forces as scapegoats so that people living here could use their right of self determination to decide their political future,” DFP said in a statement.
The party said three Indian soldiers deployed in Kashmir committed suicide in last four days clearly indicating how unhappy they feel working in a situation like Kashmir.
DFP stressed upon the political leadership of India to “have mercy” on their own forces personnel who have been deployed in Kashmir only to suppress the freedom of Kashmiri people. “The heavy militarisation has not only made the lives of the people of Kashmir miserable but it is also taking heavy toll on the Indian forces as well. So it is high time for India to think that holding Jammu Kashmir militarily is proving costly for it and it is taking toll on its citizens.”
“It is better to accept the realities about Kashmir dispute and demilitarise the region so that people living here and lakhs of families of the forces personnel can also have a sigh of relief,” DFP said.