APDP stage protest demanding whereabouts of their kin

APDP stage protest demanding whereabouts of their kin
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Rayees Magray

Srinagar: The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) staged a protest in Pratap Park Saturday demanding the whereabouts of their disappeared kin who have left behind half-widows, children and ageing mothers.
The families said they have left no stone unturned to locate their disappeared kin, “but we fail despite knocking down all doors, and the government is indifferent toward our pain”.
“We will continue our protest till government is serious about our pain. We have lost our dear ones, we want them back by any means. We don’t need money or job, we suffered a lot and promise to protest until we get justice,” APDP President Parveena Ahangar told Kashmir Reader.
THE APDP is the association of the families of people who have allegedly been picked up by government forces but never accounted for.
APDP has been fighting for the whereabouts of such people.
“I had three sons. In 1993, army took them from home and there after we have no clue where they went. We complained in all concerned offices but failed to get any clue of them,” Taja bagum, a resident of Handwara said.
APDP also demanded strict action against the people who raped and murdered an 8-year-old girl in Hiranagar Kathua.