Fault in 11 KV line, OCB damages Receiving Station Kangan

Fault in 11 KV line, OCB damages Receiving Station Kangan
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Kangan: A fault in 11 KV electric supply line along with a fault in oil circuit breaker which failed to trip caused massive damage to the 10 Megawatt Receiving station at Kangan in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.
Officials said the main breaker and panels of the station were damaged causing a breakdown in Wangat, Akhal and Mamar feeders providing electricity to about four dozen villages in Gund and Kangan tehsils besides Trauma Hospital Kangan.
Residents said they heard a huge bang at 11:30pm Thursday night which damaged window panes of the nearby buildings and vehicles.
However, all the employees on duty were safe.
Locals residents said that it was not the first incident of its kind and “such faults” have occurred in the previous years but “authorities have failed to repair or re -install the defunct parts of the station properly”.
A social activist of Kangan area said that the incident has taken place due to negligence of the department.
“The machinery has not undergone timely and prerequisite repairs. They are running old transformers for last many decades, which are prone to damages and faults,” he said.
Mubashir Husain, a senior engineer of sub transmission division (STD) at the receiving station said a deadly fault in 11KV electric supply line was responsible for the problem.
He said that they restored electricity to the affected areas within ten hours.
“We are on job and all the defunct parts including panels and breakers will be replaced in the receiving station soon, besides a new transformer of 6.3 MW capacity will be installed in the station within one month,” he said.
Nisar Ahmad, AEE PDD, Kangan, however, said the incident happened because of outdated oil circuit breakers.
“If there would have been any fault in 11KV electric supply line, the breakers in the station would have tripped down and the loss could have avoided,” Ahmad said.