Final semester LLB students’ careers hit block as KU yet to declare results

Final semester LLB students’ careers hit block as KU yet to declare results
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SRINAGAR: Kashmir University has failed once again to declare the final semester result for its BA LLB students. Students of the 2012 batch appeared in their final semester examination in October 2017 and still await the results of their 10th and final semester.
Prof Mohammad Hussain, Head of the Department of Law, had earlier told Kashmir Reader that there was some problem in the university software system which had caused the delay. “I assure you that we will declare the result of the 10th semester within three days,” he had said.
Nearly a week later, Kashmir University is still unable to declare its results, due to which students will be severely hampered in their attempts to go for further studies. The course was supposed to have ended in February 2017 but is still incomplete.
Students told Kashmir Reader, “Instead of five years, it took us six years to get the degree from KU. We are not able to apply for further studies; we are barred from the LLM entrance examination at Aligarh Muslim University where we do not fulfill eligibility criteria as candidates should be less than 22 years for this exam. We are now 23 years old and without our degrees, all because they are delaying our result,” they further said.
The students said they had approached the University “multiple times” but to no avail. They appealed to the University to declare the results immediately so that they could continue their studies or apply for jobs. “They (the University administration) have played with our careers. They are the laziest lot. If we argue with them, they get agitated and start creating more problems for us.”
Those who have already applied for their LLM are receiving messages to submit their mark cards or their admission will be cancelled. “We are not able to understand what to do,” the aggrieved students said
Speaking to Kashmir Reader on Thursday, Prof Hussain said that the department was working on it, “Today we have submitted the result, it is now up to Controller Examinations when they declare it.”
He added that he had visited the Controller’s office on Thursday for the result. “But the Controller said those who upload the result have not come because of hartal and, as tomorrow is also hartal, they won’t come tomorrow either.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a teacher in the department said it was an ‘injustice’ with the students but expressed the teachers’ helplessness before the fear of being singled out if they raise questions with the authorities. “We try to tell them many time to declare the result of the students who want to go for further studies, but they said why are you favouring them, we will declare the result. They (the highly-placed officials) have some issue due to which they have made the students suffer.”
The teacher added, “We are worried about those students who have backlog, we don’t know when they will complete their degree.”
While choosing not to give a definite reply on the issue, Kashmir University Examination Controller Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Bhat told Kashmir Reader that, “Tomorrow by 11 am I will tell you when we will declare the result.”