Vigilance books AGM JAKFED for corruption

Vigilance books AGM JAKFED for corruption
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Jammu: Vigilance organization Wednesday booked Assistant General Manager, JAKFED and others for indulging in “corrupt and dubious activities” in case FIR No. 06/2018 registered under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, Svt. 2006.
According to a statement, Vigilance Organization, Jammu conducted a joint surprise check Surprise on the basis of a report that Deputy General Manager, JAKFED Mukesh Damral presently working as Deputy General Manager, JAKFED, has been managing the affairs of JAKFED in such a manner as to have pecuniary advantages and benefits for himself and his family and has amassed huge wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income and has created a huge liability, running in crores in the JAKFED on account of different payments.
On scrutiny of records, the Vigilance said, it surfaced that the accused Damral in league with other officials of JAKFED, had invited tenders during the years 2013-2017 carrying vague terms and conditions to accommodate his blue eyed firms including the proxy firms established by him in the name of his close relatives and friends.
“It also came to light that a number of firms including his relatives firm had received supply orders from JAKFED despite having not been declared as L-1 during the tender proceedings. As per statement of Bank it has been found that transactions worth crores of rupees had taken place during short duration through which he had directly drawn benefits from the JAKFED. As per statement of account of his son a huge money trail of crores of rupees was also traced by way of transfer from different firms who were favourites of the accused Mukesh Damral,” the Vigilance statement said.