JKCC urges govt to release pending payments of contractors

JKCC urges govt to release pending payments of contractors
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SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC), an amalgam of apex trade, industrial, tourism, civil society formations, has expressed solidarity with the agitating contractors of the state who have been deprived of their legitimate rights of their due payments under the present dispensation. A delegation of JKCC on Wednesday visited the Engineering Complex Rajbagh, Srinagar to convey support and cooperation of the organisation to J&K Contractors Coordination Committee for their just demands. The delegation, according to a statement, criticised the state government for withholding Rs 1024 crores of payments due to the contractors which has resulted in their huge losses besides hampering their normal works. They said that the failure in making prompt payments to the contractors exposes the government for their so called developmental agenda. “Could the authorities of the state government explain why not the contractors should be timely paid for the jobs they have already executed and delivered,” they questioned. “The JKCC suspects that the dilly dallying tactics adopted by the government may or are being done under a ploy. This is some food for thought as this may be yet another plan of further breaking the back of the businessmen in general and the contractors in particular,” remarked the speakers. JKCC urges the state government to immediately release the pending payment of the contractors without any hitch or delay. “The JKCC would like to question the wisdom of the powers that be that how is it justified that the jobs already undertaken and already done will be put through PAOS (Pay and Account Office System),” the statement read. “This step also smells of vindictiveness,” it added.

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