When CM accepted slain youth were civilians, what stops her from acting, asks NC

When CM accepted slain youth were civilians, what stops her from acting, asks NC
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‘Govt’s silence on Shopian killings shameful, indicates complete surrender’

SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) on Tuesday asked chief minister Mehbooba Mufti to clarify why she didn’t take any legal action in Shopian killings incident despite accepting that the slain youth were civilians.
In a statement, NC spokesperson Junaid Mattu asked the government to clarify the stand as its silence “was not only abjectly shameful but also indicated a complete surrender to remain in power”.
“It is not the job of the chief minister to sulk and hang her head in sorrow. She hasn’t been elected to be a mute spectator. She is duty bound to hold the culprits accountable and if she chooses not to do so, this would be a serious dereliction of her constitutional duties yet again,” he said.
The spokesperson said besides the CM accepting the slain youth were civilians, the PDP MLA from Shopian too has categorically stated that the youth were civilians killed in a “gruesome and deliberate” manner.
“When both the chief minister as well as her local MLA from Shopian are confessing that innocent civilians were gunned down by security forces, why haven’t arrests been made and why hasn’t a specific, detailed FIR been filed against the errant troops?” Mattu said. “This shameless surrender and silence comes in the aftermath of the state government’s surrender on the earlier issue of the killing of the youth in Shopian. The state government in its status-report filed in the Supreme Court has said the name of Major Aditya doesn’t figure in the FIR. Copies of the FIR available locally and visible of social media clearly show Major Aditya’s name mentioned in the FIR. So has the state government misled the Supreme Court or have they fudged the FIR in that case to save its skin and remain in power?”
“Mehbooba Mufti on the floor of the Legislative Assembly assured the people that she would take that case to a ‘logical conclusion’? What ‘logical conclusion’ is this? It seems the state government and chief minister are taking their dictations from either the BJP directly or a couple of aggressive, jingoist news channels,” the NC spokesperson added.
The spokesperson added, “Never in the history of the state has a chief minister been reduced to rubber-stamp in such a humiliating manner. The chief minister is now, effectively, a captive of power.”