Indian institutions treating Kashmiris as enemies: Malik

Indian institutions treating Kashmiris as enemies: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday said “every Indian institution, be it judiciary, security, civil or administrative treats Kashmiris as their enemies which have no human rights”.
“This is why we find Indian judiciary, like in previous Shopian killings, preferring so-called national interests over impartiality and prescribed legal norms,” Malik said in a statement.
He said “killing with impunity and then coining phrases like OGW and cross-firings to legalise these killings is height of brazenness”.
Malik condemned the Shopian “carnage” and subsequent “ridiculous statements by colonial army and so-called chief minister”.
“An occupational force that has killed tens of thousands in Jammu Kashmir is enjoying patronage of Indian leaders, pro-India politicians, assembly members and so-called rulers who are ever ready to provide these killers a legal cover and immunity,” JKLF chairman said.
“These so-called tyrant rulers should remember that according to the divine law of retribution, every tyrant has to answer for crimes,” Malik said.