Govt advisory: No antibiotics to poultry 72 hours before sale

Govt advisory: No antibiotics to poultry 72 hours before sale
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Srinagar: In response to reports of antibiotic misuse in poultry, the state government Tuesday issued an advisory directing poultry farmers to stop administering antibiotics to chicken 72 hours (three days) before taking them out to market.
A notification (DFO/K/FSSA/10615-18) issued by Drugs and Food Control Organization Bemina Srinagar said that dealer and owners shall stop use of antibiotic in poultry birds three days prior to supplying to market.
The notification added that antibiotic in poultry birds should be administered only under veterinary prescription.
“Strict action will be taken against the violators under Food Safety and Standard Act,” it said.
The Food Safety and Standard Act 2006, provides that chicken meat shall be free from any antibiotic residue.
Kashmir Reader has reported earlier that several veterinarians of Kashmir believe that half of the poultry farms use antibiotics to speed up the growth of birds.
Poultry farmers reportedly use antibiotics including Ciprofloxacin and Nalidixic-Acid to enhance the growth of the birds. Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic used to treat respiratory infection while Nalidixic-Acid is used to treat urinary tract infections. These antibiotics are mixed with the feed and then given to livestock, boosting their growth.
The consumption of such chicken leads to antibiotic resistance among human beings.