Walk in the Rain

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Mir Umar

“The field and the cloud are lovers
And between them I am a messenger of mercy”(Khalil Gibran)

The night had stitched its alliance with darkness. It austerely built its castle outside. Since night, it was raining furiously. The night had wrapped the outside world with its deadly monstrous garments. It was so long to feel its aura of acquaintance. The town outside was bedecked with strings of silence through which rain was playing the chords. Zephyrs had brought immense cold with them. Coldness and anti-calmness, both had swept away the peace.
From my window sill, I was observing the changing velocity of rain drops, attaining their peace by falling on the ground. A cold wind was blowing and invading my room from the gauze holes of window. When goose bumps began to surface on my skin and cold had already penetrated my bones, I wrapped a cozy blanket around my body making me feel a little weary. In the chaotic rule of rain, my sleep had wandered over. Rain was continuously splashing against the roof tops of the town. Silence had escaped in fear and the pain had invaded in.
The night had begun to rule the world and I had already entered my world of dreams. Still I was easily sensing the patter sounds and clocks vibrating second hand.
The light had slipped in from the curtains of the room. Morning had entered now in the castle. The sun was missing from the sight and birds were harangued by the rain. I got up from my cozy comfort zone and looked outside from my window where raindrops were instantly drifting down the window panes. Moisture had blurred the outside appearance. The gloomy thoughts forced me to find peace in the morning. So, I decided to take a walk early morning with benevolent rain. I took my umbrella and left, in search of calm and peace.
The mountains looked afresh and were crowned with clouds, whirring towards west. The rain had calmed down the vertiginous mountains. Small rain drops were dripping down from the edges of roof tops, falling down on little pebbles, putting a layer of moisture on them. Under the umbrella, I was walking like a stranger in the town. The rush of cold winds was swinging thoroughly. I was feeling its sync. Through the belated rain, I decided to walk along the muddy roads where water and mud had fallen prey for each other. It was hard to walk through the muddy imprints but I made through.
On reaching the vantage point of the town- a hill, I could look over differential houses, integrated with silence and subdued by rain. I turned off my little shelter and exposed myself to tincture of rain.
When raindrops first jubilantly fell on my barren skin, I felt their soothing touch and spiritual kisses which it placed all around. I fell on its slaughtering fragrance and couldn’t resist myself to follow its zest. The rain had stepped inside my shoes. Its thirst was crucifying the cataract of soul which had separated me from pleasures of life. Separation was over between the lovers under the rain. In the aura of rain, I completely lost myself. My soul came back to life again and, once gain I felt the joy of life. Like the beloved sprinkling the natures wine to lover, rain had sprinkled its peacefulness.
Under the companionship of rain, I escaped the pain of loneliness as if wandering through the sky like a smoke. I could inhale a life now. After all, rain had revamped my soul and buried the pain.

—The author is a student of English Literature and can be reached at: mirumar59@gmail.com