KCCI demands removal of AFSPA

KCCI demands removal of AFSPA
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SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry demand removal of laws like AFSPA which gives license to the army or security forces to kill anybody and everybody without any accountability.
In a statement issued here by president Javid Ahmed Tenga They have even appealed the Supreme Court of India that by their decision of staying any proceedings on the previous FIR gives them further impetus to do such things .
The chamber has already recently asked that the only way to stop this is to settle Kashmir once for all it is the duty of the state government and all to demand the same and bring us out from this daily bloodshed.
It added that once again whole Kashmir is in turmoil. Once again they are finding Kashmiri bodies flung far in this encounter which in most probability is a fake encounter. Six Kashmir’s have been killed and it is because of impunity of laws like AFSPA which gives to do such thing.