‘Tenderless’ work by JKPCC stopped by new MD

‘Tenderless’ work by JKPCC stopped by new MD
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Srinagar: The newly appointed Managing Director (MD) of Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC) Viqar Mustafa on Sunday stopped construction work at GMC Srinagar, a day after Kashmir Reader reported that the work has been started without following the procedure of issuing tenders.
Viqar on early Sunday afternoon visited the site where work on installation of 750MM dia board was going on. He directed site manager Imtiyaz Sheikh to stop the work immediately. The work, which as per the previous tender that was cancelled later, had to be completed in 45 days, but has been going on for many days.
“I have directed to immediately stop the work on Sunday. Your information about the work being done without tenders was correct,” Viqar informed Kashmir Reader after the site inspection.
Now, after the work has been stopped, new tenders for the entire work will be floated, Viqar said.
Why the work was started by JKPCC when the tenders had been cancelled will only come to fore when an inquiry is conducted. Who gave orders to start the work is also unclear. JKPCC officials associated with the work gave different versions.
One blamed the GMC principal, though Kashmir Reader has learnt through highly placed sources that there had been only one official communication to JKPCC from her office. Sources said the communication was made in August last year.
“Her communication to the JKPCC was only to stress that the work start quickly, not to circumvent the procedure, or letting the work be done illegally,” the sources said.
The other group blames the deputy general manager, Imtiyaz Bhat. Imtiyaz told Kashmir Reader that the work, which was small in nature, was executed without tenders because the company could otherwise have lost the contract.
“JKPCC is a company which has to earn to pay us. Since tenders were issued, and then cancelled, we feared that we might lose this work. So, if a small work is done without tenders, it does not matter. Which hill has collapsed now after this small work was done without tenders?” he said.
When asked if the work was pending with JKPCC for more than a year during which no process for tendering was made, Imtiyaz said that a different unit of JKPCC was in charge then, and they did not do it.
“Please ask them, not me. I think I have provided you with sufficient information,” he said and hung up the phone.