Sordid Politics

Sordid Politics
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As the time for general elections in India approaches, dim and jaundiced prospects hang over Jammu and Kashmir. Grist to the mill of this assertion is provided by the sordid politicization of the savage rape and murder of eight year old, Asifa Bano, of Kathua. On the face of it, this savage and barbaric act, by its very nature, should evoke the natural response and reaction thereof: condemnation and actual meting out of punishment to the perpetrator. But, nay, the little angels’ murder is being sought to be politicized instead for power political reasons. It is a statement of the obvious that the performance of the coalition administration in Jammu and Kashmir has not been sanguine. In fact, the administration has nothing to show for. And, as elections approach, there is neither performance to boot nor a solid political issue or theme to present to the people. In lieu of this, the default reflex of powers that be appears to be polarize the region and generate votes by virtue of exploitation of fault lines in Jammu and Kashmir and communalize these. Asifa Bano’s rape and murder, instead of evoking empathy, sympathy and moral outrage, is becoming the issue around which a polarizing, divisive and communal agenda is sought to be fostered. To take recourse to amateur psychoanalysis, the reaction to Asifa’s murder suggests that the political imagination of some people is sought to be warped and twisted. A little angel who had a blossoming life ahead of her was snuffed brutally. This very fact should elicit shame and introspection among all people of Jammu and Kashmir. But, such is the political atmosphere in the region that some sections of the political class have no moral or ethical qualms in politicizing the issue. This might not have been as shocking as the fact that some people have rallied around this crude and vulgar opportunism. In a way, these developments suggest that a politics of cynicism and moral decrepitude has set in Jammu and Kashmir. If the frenzied attempts at communalization and politicization of Asifa Bano’s murder and rape are any guide, then it would appear that , unless and until, this sordid saga is not closed and justice dispensed, the stage is set for a more entrenched and intense descent into a communal morass. All this might not only generate insecurities, especially in Jammu, but also create bases for something more insidious.

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  1. Vipin Chandra   March 5, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    People in the valley – whether it is hurriyat, pro-freedom, pro-pakistani or pro-whatever, have made a choice – that they will continue to seek violence as a tool to communicate their grievances, real or imaginary. Such is the atmosphere that they believe – firmly – that violence and more violence will deliver them from this violent ground hog day. So they shall throw stones, brandish weapons, loot banks and pretty much break the law of the land at their own whims. So really, is there any desire for a civil society at all in the valley?