Police arrest 75-year-old in night raid at Hajin

Police arrest 75-year-old in night raid at Hajin
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Hajin: A 75-year-old man was arrested instead of his son and two other youths were taken into detention by police in night raids conducted in different areas of Hajin town on Saturday.
A source said that Sonuallah Bhat of Khos Mohalla, a retired government employee, was picked up in a midnight raid by police. “He was picked up in place of his son, whom the police blame for attending the funeral of a foreign militant,” a family member of Bhat said.
The family said that Bhat’s son was being targeted by police, the reason for which “only the police know”.
The Hajin police denied arresting anyone. “The claims of the family are simply baseless,” a police officer said.
Locals said that two other youths, Gowhar Majeed and Umar Hameed, were picked up from Mir Mohalla and Boni Khan Mohalla of the town. The two were picked up for the same reason of attending the Pakistani militant’s funeral, locals said.