JKPCC cancelled tender, then started work ‘itself’

JKPCC cancelled tender, then started work ‘itself’
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SRINAGAR: Regardless of the tender being cancelled on January 11, construction work on a project to upgrade infrastructure at hospitals affiliated with the Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar has been started by the Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC).
The work, estimated at Rs 24.37 lakh, is for installation of 750MM dia board cast at SMHS Srinagar, for which a tender was floated on January 2 this year. On January 11, the day when the submitted tenders were supposed to be opened, they were cancelled. A copy of the order is with Kashmir Reader.
Viqar Mustafa, the new Managing Director of JKPCC, was General Manager at that time. He told Kashmir Reader that the reason for cancelling the tender was that the project’s cost was more than Rs 2 crore, but tenders were floated for just 10 percent of the project cost.
“I objected to it, because I wanted the work of the entire project to start, not in instalments,” he said.
However, the work has already been started. The site manager, Imtiyaz Sheikh, told Kashmir Reader that he started the work on the instructions of his boss, whose name he did not mention.
“JKPCC has mandate to start the work itself, and based on this mandate the work was executed,” he said. Asked why the work was started when the total project cost is more than Rs 2 crore, he said the execution of any project depends upon the availability of funds.
“Only this much of funds were available and hence the work was started. I will do what I am being told to do,” he said.
Viqar told Kashmir Reader that it was news for him to know that the construction work had been started.
“I will inquire about it tomorrow. And let you know about it,” he said.
As per the memorandum of association, the JKPCC has a mandate to construct, execute carry out, improve, work, develop, administer, manage and control works and conveniences of all kinds. However, these works should be executed through proper tenders.
The state-funded project is part of a plan to upgrade the GMC and its associated hospitals.