Influential teachers stay put at choice postings

Influential teachers stay put at choice postings
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Many schools shut due to ReT strike

Bandipora: Despite orders from the higher authorities in Bandipora district, influential teachers have managed to stay on at the choicest postings long after they were due to leave.
Kashmir Reader has learnt that as many as four teachers have been working in the office of the Chief Education Officer (CEO) for years, despite several orders from the government to relocate them to other educational institutions.
Moreover, the teachers are not presenting themselves at the places where they are posted under orders issued in February by the Directorate of Education, while they continue to draw salaries from there, thus showing them as delivering their duties when they haven’t presented themselves in person even once.
Some employees, however, have abided by the February order and have joined their new postings as directed.
The issue has not only rendered the state’s educational institutions without teachers but has created a dearth of staff for students, who continue to linger, unhopeful.
The mockery of the order is such that the CEO has retained the teachers solely under political influence and without any official order. The same teachers have even been running administrative affairs at the CEO’s office. Sources add that “the employees are working without functioning order at CEO office, so as to keep them off the radar of the Directorate Education”.
CEO, Bandipora, Munshi Javid admitted that “these employees have stayed back verbally”. He also said that no tangible order about their relocation or retention had been issued, but he had verbally corresponded with the Director Education.
He said that these teachers were fulfilling administrative demands, like those of litigation and others in the office, and that they were at certain positions where “we can’t release them”.
“No alternatives have been sought as of now, but our search continues so that we can relieve them. The directorate ordered us to relieve them but not as of now,” he added.
Other employees in different administrative sections in the CEO offices have earlier been relieved as per the Directorate order, he said.
Meanwhile, many primary schools wore a deserted look some even were found locked due to the strike called by the Rehbari Taleem (ReT) Teacher’s Forum against the government for not fulfilling its promises.
The strike affected the normal workflow of the schools here in Bandipora. The ReT has demanded relaxation in transfer policy and that salaries be drawn regularly after the state government owns them as per promises because central funds are not dispatched regularly. But after the case got hung up, the ReT forum started a Valley-wide protest, which has also impacted the teachers’ attending to their duties.