Won’t allow anyone to inflict harm on Jammu Muslims: Malik

Won’t allow anyone to inflict harm on Jammu Muslims: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said Kashmiri Muslims are closely watching the situation in Jammu and will not allow anyone to inflict harm on any Muslim there.
“The communal fascist forces, their police and agencies should know that any untoward against Jammu Muslims will not be tolerated by Kashmiri Muslims,” Malik said in a statement.
“If these anti-Muslim manoeuvres do not stop immediately, Kashmiri Muslims will be forced to launch a protest campaign to save their brethren in Jammu,” JKLF chief warned.
He added, “The protest by Hindu chauvinists led by BJP leaders in support of a rapist and criminal (is the) height of shamelessness. Repression unleashed upon Kashmiri prisoners (is) indicative of undemocratic attitude of (the) so-called rulers. Kulgam youth used as forced labour by Indian army is a glaring example of colonial mindset.”
Malik said an innocent girl was raped and murdered by a savage in uniform and subsequently arrested by police but ironically those in power at Delhi and Srinagar, who proclaim to follow the revered Sita and Radha, instead of supporting the victim, are brazenly supporting her rapist and killer.
He said the saner people of Jammu should realise that this brazen support of a murderer and rapist is putting a black stain on humanity.
“Today when these reprehensible protests are held, no Indian media channel or growling anchors, who miss no opportunity to defame Kashmiri Muslims, are seen shouting on it which actually shows their real face,” JKLF chief said.
He also termed the “repression unleashed by Indian forces, police and agencies” against Kashmiri prisoners as “glaring example of the undemocratic attitude of Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges”.
“All international covenants on prisoners and even Indian Supreme Court ruling clearly says that a prisoner be kept near his residence but (the) so-called biggest democracy neither honours international human rights laws nor accepts its own court verdicts when it comes Kashmir and Kashmiris.”
“The joint resistance leadership will do everything possible to defend these innocent prisoners,” Malik said.
He said reports about Kulgam youth being summoned to army camps and used as forced labourers have “refreshed us about the ‘90s when this phenomenon was common and people used to be subjected to inhuman treatment by Indian forces”.
Meanwhile, a JKLF statement said that on JRL call, party leaders and activists gathered at Maisuma Lal Chowk and protested against the shifting of prisoners to Jammu jails, rallies by chauvinists in favour of rapist and killer of innocent Muslim girl and other “”oppressive measures.