Teacher aspirants appeal High Court to look into ‘discriminatory’ JKSSB exam

Teacher aspirants appeal High Court to look into ‘discriminatory’ JKSSB exam
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Srinagar: The aspirants of teacher posts on Thursday sought the intervention of the Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, to look into what it called a “discriminatory system of exam” to be held by the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board on March 9th.
The candidates said that JKSSB has formulated a discriminatory system of examination for the recently advertised teacher’s posts. “Under this system, the board is going to hold the exam with multiple question papers for the same examination with limited number of seats. Through this system of examination, the level of difficulty greatly varies from one paper to the other,” it reads.
Moreover, it said that through this system some candidates get more time to prepare while others get less, as the gap between different papers is about two weeks. “This violates the fundamental right to equal opportunity guaranteed under Article 16 of the constitution,” it said.
The appeal further said that there is a ruling by the Supreme Court of India regarding the conduct of NEET by the CBSE.
It added: “In the year 2017, CBSE conducted NEET with multiple paper system. In this regard, the Supreme Court said that it is “illogical” to set multiple papers for the same examination, and it would be very difficult to evaluate the credentials of various candidates as it is very difficult to balance the level of difficulty in multiple papers. The CBSE has accepted the ruling of the Apex Court and has said that from 2018 onwards there will be only one set of question papers for one examination.”
Teacher aspirants further said “it is very evident that this system of examination is discriminatory and illogical, besides making the success a mere chance of luck.”

3 Responses to "Teacher aspirants appeal High Court to look into ‘discriminatory’ JKSSB exam"

  1. Bilal ahmad bhat   March 17, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    It is totally injustice to conduct examine in which some people have little gap and some have huge gap due to which article 16 becomes meaningless.One more thing that I want to add here,that the eligibility should be graduation +B.ED for teacher post.

  2. javid wani   March 9, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    No interviews but all kind of loopholes jkssb is entertaining.RIP right to equality.

  3. Haaris   March 9, 2018 at 12:16 am

    Come on you pseudo-literates. SSB is setting the same paper for every aspirant unlike what CBSE and NEET did. The Article 16 is totally irrelevant here in context to the teacher posts. Why are you people creating such unwanted and illogical chaos? You people don’t have guts to compete with the able candidates. Possessing a BEd does not mean that you can educate. I’m afraid you need to go back to school to get some literacy doses. General line teachers are meant to impart knowledge to the students through a broader perspective. These people are not under qualified but, they do possess enough guts to get into the ring. You people lack this even though you have BEds and MEds. I feel sorry for you. I hope the law people would take it into consideration and understand this conspiracy, which is as visible as bright day light.