KU Legal Studies students find attendance figures unbelievable, allege harassment

KU Legal Studies students find attendance figures unbelievable, allege harassment
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SRINAGAR: The students of the Legal Studies department of Kashmir University are alleging that their teachers have tampered with their attendance, leading to what the students have termed “harassment”.
The students said that they have 100 percent class attendance in the last session, but despite that their names have appeared in the absolute shortage list (where a student is barred from appearing for the exams).
“We are being harassed in the name of attendance every now and then. Our semester exams are starting in the coming week, and the department has come up with a shortage list in which a huge number of students have been put in ‘absolute limit’, although many of us don’t deserve to be part of that list,” said a group of students.
“In spite of our attending classes regularly, they (the teachers) haven’t marked our attendance properly and are therefore blaming us. Instead of taking attendance in a register, they note it on loose sheets of paper, which then get misplaced and which is why we are now suffering,” they added.
As per the LLB 5th Semester shortage list, 120 students are short in attendance in their practical training subject, 58 students of the same class have an absolute shortage in Alternative Dispute Resolution while 30 are in the Vice Chancellor (VC) and Head of the Department (HoD) limit, under which they are permitted to sit for exams by furnishing certain documents.
From the 9th Semester BA LLB, 35 students have an absolute shortage in Ethics while 54 are in the VC and HoD limit in the same subject.
In the BALLB 5th semester, 60 students have absolute limit in Mercantile Law, while 39 are in the VC and HoD limit. “Students said the total strength of a class is 130 and 100 have shortage in this subject. Seventy-two students of the same class have absolute shortage in Criminal Law,” they added.
In BALLB 7th semester, 39 students have absolute shortage in Local Laws and 44 students are in the VC and HoD limit.
“Recently BALLB 2nd semester appeared for their exam, and almost 50 percent students were not allowed to appear due to shortage,” the aggrieved students said.
Moreover, they said, there are a few students who have genuine reasons for not attending classes, like those who may have been ill or hospitalised. “Such students have shown all medical documents to the department, but the department is of the opinion that even if we are on our death bed, we are supposed to attend class.
“Our point is that if students were really absent all the time, were the teachers teaching the walls? Also, the minimum number of working days for a semester should not be less than 100 days. But in a few subjects, like in Civil Procedure Code of LLB 5th semester, the teachers have taken 20 days to complete the syllabus.”
The students said they had contacted many of the department officials but were told each time that that the officials were helpless and could not do anything.
Professor Mohammad Hussain, Head of the Department of Law, told Kashmir Reader, “I will look into it and I will punish those teachers found guilty in the issue.”
He further suggested that the aggrieved students contact him with their complaints.